Google Ads

Google Ads allows companies to bid on popular search keywords to increase their presence online. With Google Ads, consumers can find your business online even without searching for your company or services.

Competition for popular keywords is always high, and in some cases only when you are ready to place the highest bid, can you have high ad placement on search engine results. Professional Google Ads services enable businesses of all sizes to manage their paid advertising campaigns. 

How Does PPC work, and Are There other Ad Pricing models?

PPC (pay-per-click) is an online marketing model where advertisers pay a particular amount for each click by users. However, paying more for ads cannot guarantee higher places on the search engine results page (SERP). Instead, ads are subject to an automated process known as Ad Auction. Google and other major search engines use Ad Auction to analyze the validity and relevance of advertisements appearing on their SERPs.

PPC is not the only pricing model available. Others such as pay-per-call, Cost per Action (CPA), Pay per Action (PPA), Cost per Impression (CPI), and Value per Action (VPA) are also major digital advertising models.

Google Ads service specialists employ multiple strategies and techniques to help customers manage their PPC and other ad pricing models. 

What Paid Media Can Do for You

If you utilize Google Analytics effectively, paid media can help you expand your business in various ways, including:

  • Drive traffic to your website. The more people recognize your brand, the more likely they will click on your website. 

  • Faster results. Unlike organic SEO, paid media is put to work instantaneously. 

  • Target new customers. If you have just established your business, rebranded, or introduced a new service feature, paid media is an effective strategy to reach a specific target market. 

Is Google Ads Right for Your Business?

Whether Google Ads is right for your business is not even the right question. Instead, you should ask, "Can a business survive without Google ads?" 

Google Ads gives you an advantage over your competitors. Google Ads uses the most sophisticated algorithms to drive traffic to websites. Who else can do that? Only Google understands how to place results on the top page of their SERPs. Besides, Google gives you control to achieve your objective. In addition, Google Analytics allows you to monitor your website traffic. Do you have the time and resources to do that on your own? 

Google Ads specialists can establish ad schedules, customize your ads to the Cincinnati market, and target customers using sophisticated SEO tools and techniques. Click here to learn more about how Google Ads can help your business.

Google Ads Specialists

Google Ads is an essential self-service platform that any business with the right resources can navigate effectively. However, the cost of resources and technical expertise required is just too high. The most successful companies hire experienced SEO agencies to manage their Ads efficiently at less than half the cost of going at it alone. 

Premier Google Partners and top digital agencies are made up of technical teams that monitor emerging digital marketing trends to allow their clients to have the best return on investment. These firms also conduct constant google analytics checks to keep clients updated on traffic trends. 

How It Works

Our Google Ads professionals guide companies through:

  1. Terminologies like bid, ad rank, and PPC

  2. Organization

  3. Budgeting

  4. Keyword research and selection

  5. Ad writing

  6. Google Analytics

As more ads are placed and receive higher conversion rates, the business will inevitably grow. Visibility is everything, and Google Ads professionals can help get your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible. 

Build Your Practice More Efficiently with Paid Media Services 

Google Ads is digital marketing. Effective paid media makes all the difference between competitors. It helps increase traffic, improve search results and attract new customers. To take advantage of these revolutionary tools, you need the services of an experienced digital marketing agency. Hubbard Cincinnati is your right partner in digital marketing. We work with you to attain the visibility your business deserves.

Hubbard Cincinnati offers premier paid ad services to our clients across all business fields. We are among the top 1% of agencies as a Premier Google Partner. We provide ROI-focused advertising services to the local Greater Cincinnati market and internationally, contact us today!

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